Charity No. 1120398

27 Tallon Road, Brentwood

Essex. CM13 1TE

Open from
12th April

Mon  9:30 to 4:30

Tue-Fri   9:00 to 4:30

Sat   9:00 to 12:30


Charity No. 1120398

27 Tallon Road, Brentwood

Essex. CM13 1TN

Closed until Tier 4 lifted

To date

We have helped over 15,000 families & individuals and diverted more than 4000 tonnes from landfill

That equates to 81,632 SOFAS which if on top of each other,  would reach  38.5 MILES HIGH!!

Day to day we….

  • Support those in need by providing items for those that have no way of affording it otherwise
  • Collect furniture donated to us in Brentwood as well as many of the surrounding towns
  • Sell furniture from our warehouse to EVERYONE
  • Deliver furniture to customers
  • Work in partnership with the Council and over 70 agencies to support the community

 Bigger and

           Bigger and 



How we started

  • A group of people at, what was then called King’s Church, had a thought!
  • They went to the council seeking to serve the community.
  • They were invited to take on the council’s initiative to pass reusable furniture to those in need.
  • With some garages and a trailer, they started distributing furniture at weekends.
  • Soon the Lighthouse began and it grew…


    In January 2012 Hopeworx based in Rayleigh, asked us to help them start a reuse project.  After a very busy six months we opened in June and successfully grew providing for families in the Castlepoint and Rochford Districts. In 2014 they became an independent charity and continue to thrive today.

    Another group asked us to help start a reuse project in Epping, and so Epping Forest ReUSE was born. They became an independent charity in 2017.

    TCL was the third reuse centre based in Ilford who are now running independently.
    Will there be another?  Watch this space!

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