Charity No. 1120398

27 Tallon Road, Brentwood

Essex. CM13 1TE

Open from
12th April

Mon  9:30 to 4:30

Tue-Fri   9:00 to 4:30

Sat   9:00 to 12:30


Charity No. 1120398

27 Tallon Road, Brentwood

Essex. CM13 1TN

Closed until Tier 4 lifted


We really can’t emphasise this enough.  Even after 14 years we still meet people who think we are only open to those on benefits.  Whilst this is the group we as a charity target and support, anyone can come in and buy.

We operate a two tier pricing system on many items, especially for those on certain Means Tested Benefits.  We discount the items according to how essential they are (i.e. beds get a bigger discount than display cabinets) for those on benefits.

The sale of goods is used to cover our operating costs enabling us to be self sufficient, allowing us to focus on helping those struggling to help themselves, to provide training, helping us to expand and work with other charities to start new projects.

We sell a large number of furniture items from chests-of-drawers, wardrobes and beds to dining tables, lounge suites and more. We also have small electricals and white goods, such as fridge-freezers, washing machines and cookers. All electrical items are tested and come with a guarantee from our engineers, with over 100 years of experience between them.

We sell both second-hand and new items and our stock is changing everyday so why not come in and see us!

We deliver items purchased from us throughout Brentwood and the surrounding towns for a small set fee. This fee won’t change no matter how many items you buy and we work on a postcode basis as below. If you require more information call us on 01277 222050

Are you a charity, a service provider or school etc?

Do you know someone in need?

Lighthouse prides itself on helping those in need.  However, we don’t directly work with those in this group.  If you do, we would welcome you to give us a ring to discuss the person in need or complete our referral form and forward it to us.   We can then act on this referral and help more people.

We currently work with over 70 agencies, but there are still more people in need.