Are you a charity or service provider or school or Doctor etc.

Do you know someone in need?

Lighthouse prides itself on helping those in need.  However we don’t directly work with those in need and can’t help if we don’t know about them or until they walk through the door or someone asks us for help on their behalf.

We currently work with over 70 agencies, but there are still more people/families out there in need that we could help.

If you do, we would ask you to give us a ring to discuss the person/family in need or complete our referral form and forward it to us. We will contact you to discuss if Lighthouse can help and if we can will step in to offer that help.

A local family lost their home in a fire. The school rang us to ask for help as the school secretary knew of us, as she was a regular customer. We were able to contact other groups as well as helping directly with furniture and household items. In fact the whole school community pulled together on this one with great success and speed.  In the thank you letter sent by the family, the children’s mother was forever grateful to us and everyone at the school, particularly pointing out that her children had more pairs of underwear  than they ever had.