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Corporate sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship lets us help the people that need it most. To find out how you could help low income families across Essex, talk to Lighthouse today.

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Expanding our capacity to help

As a Charity and Social Enterprise, we are keen to ensure that we help as many people as possible. Our motivation is to help those in our community unable to afford furniture and appliances and helping our environment by reusing furniture and refurbishing electrical appliances. Each year we help between 6,000-7,000 households and divert more than 350 tonnes of items from landfill.

Would you or your organisation like to partner with Lighthouse to help make this social and environmental impact?

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Fundraising walk

You can do this in 4 ways:

1. Volunteer with us
If you allow your employees volunteer days throughout the year, why not do them at Lighthouse! We have a range of activities from help to sort through donations to see what’s suitable for reuse to helping to clean refurbished items ready for sales.

2. Fundraise for us
If you choose a different charity to raise money for each year, why not consider Lighthouse. Your fundraising allows us to continue applying additional discounts to items to support those in poverty, on low i
ncomes or in housing crisis.

3. Sponsor an aspect of Lighthouse.
Help us offset our increasing overheads by sponsoring a role, a van, or a particular aspect of what we do e.g. our Electrical Workshops, our Logistics department or our Admin and Sales department.

4. Support our Giving Fund.
When we discount or give items away free of charge it reduces the revenue that keeps us operating. If you donate to our Giving Fund, it allows Lighthouse to offer the discount without impacting our revenue ensuring, we continue to help those in need for years to come.

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If any of these interests you or your organisation and would help you to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility, then please email on:

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