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Second hand furniture in a warehouse

Make A Referral

We know that the Cost of Living crisis is impacting more and more people at the moment. If you know someone who needs help, make a charity referral to Lighthouse Furniture Project. We provide help and support to people across Brentwood and Essex – we just need to know they’re there first.

Steps To Make A Referral

1. Download form & fill in information

2. Fill in form & email

Volunteers on the shop floor

Do you know someone in need?

At Lighthouse our mission is to help those across Essex and East London who are in need. We work closely with local partners including the local council, social care, and local charities that provide family support. We also depend on those that know about Lighthouse sharing with others in need.

If you know someone that needs support, you can give us a ring to make us aware of individuals needs.

You can also complete our referral form and we will get in touch to identify how might be able to help.

Stack of various mirrors in a warehouse
Selection of Coffee Tables

How we can help?

As a charity we provide furniture to those on low income at significantly reduced prices and in some instances for free. We work with a wide variety of agencies and seek to help those who are struggling to help themselves.
Over 25% of our turnover goes to supporting at risk groups and their clients.

We currently work with over 70 agencies, but there are still more people/families out there in need that we could help. We’re passionate about supporting the community we’re a part of, but we can’t do it without you.

Our charity in Brentwood needs you

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we can’t look after local people without help from our amazing supporters. Whether you’d like to refer someone, supply some second-hand furniture or even volunteer at our charity, please get in touch.

Although furniture is one of the primary ways we help, we also support others through volunteering and partner with other local charities and services to signpost people to get the help they need.

Ornate wooden table and chairs
Staff working on furniture

Help us make a difference by donating your unwanted furniture and electrical items to Lighthouse

Fill out the referral form and email Lighthouse at
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